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Move Tokens Between Neon EVM and Solana



This guide demonstrates how to transfer tokens between Solana and Neon EVM using the NeonPass UI. The same tooling is available as an npm package.

You can transfer tokens in either direction, but each transaction incurs a gas fee in either NEON or SOL.


Neon EVM's Devnet now supports a feature providing the option to pay the gas fees with the token of transaction, rather than only NEON or SOL.


When transferring tokens from Neon EVM to Solana for the first time, ensure that you have SOL in your Solana wallet to cover the transaction costs. This is a one-time requirement for the initial transfer.


  • Neon EVM-compatible wallet (e.g. Atomic Wallet, MetaMask, Rabby Wallet, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet, Ledger, etc.)
  • Solana-compatible wallet (e.g. Phantom, Solfare, etc.)
  • Browser with both wallet applications attached
  • Token balance to pay gas fees

Transfer tokens with NeonPass

Step 1: Set up wallets

1.1 Navigate to NeonPass.

1.2 Add your required Neon EVM Network in your Neon compatible wallet through

For further help, see our wallet setup walkthrough.

Step 2: Connect wallets to NeonPass


Remember to use a browser to which both your Solana and Neon EVM compatible wallets are attached.

2.1 Click Connect Wallet to connect your Solana compatible wallet to NeonPass. Follow the login procedure in your wallet's popup window and ensure it's connected to the network you require (e.g. Mainnet).

2.2 Repeat this step for your Neon EVM compatible wallet.

Step 3: Conduct transfer

3.1 Select the transfer direction from Neon EVM to Solana.


Your first ever transaction from your wallet includes a one time fee to generate the Solana account linked to your address. Therefore the first transaction will be more expensive than the subsequent ones.

3.2 Choose the token and enter the amount to transfer.

3.3 Click Transfer and sign the transaction in your connected wallets.

3.4 Review the transaction summary and enjoy your tokens in Solana!

Verify the transaction on NeonScan or Blockscout.

We hope that you love NeonPass and that you are ready to leverage the full potential of Neon EVM by facilitating hassle-free transfers of assets to and from Solana.

Gas Fees and Priority Selection

When transferring tokens from Neon EVM to Solana:

  • You can pay gas fees in NEON or the token of transaction.
  • If you're withdrawing to a new Solana account or an existing account that has never received the specific ERC-20 token before, ensure that you have sufficient SOL in your Solana wallet to cover the gas fees.

Please be aware of the gas fee specificities for each transfer direction. Always ensure you have sufficient funds in the appropriate token to cover gas fees before initiating a transfer.

Edge Cases

  1. Insufficient funds for gas fees
  1. Wallet connection issues

  2. Transfer completion and failure


If you encounter any persistent issues or have questions about edge cases not covered here, please reach out to our support team for assistance.

Using NeonPass on Mobile Devices

NeonPass is designed to be responsive and user-friendly across various devices, including mobile phones.

  1. Connecting wallets on mobile

Make sure you have your mobile wallet apps installed and set up before attempting to connect them to NeonPass.

  1. Selecting tokens and entering amounts

  2. Initiating and confirming transfers


Always double-check the transaction details before confirming a transfer, especially on mobile devices where screen sizes are smaller.

  1. Track transfer progress and history in a dedicated explorer

By following these steps, you can easily transfer tokens using NeonPass on your mobile device, enjoying a seamless and user-friendly experience on the go.

Under the hood

Neon EVM isn't a blockchain, and so it follows that NeonPass isn't a conventional blockchain bridge. Your assets are not wrapped. Instead, Neon EVM applies an ERC-20 interface, making SPL tokens behave like Ethereum-natives when in the Neon network. Learn more about how NeonPass works.

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