Grow with the Best from Two Chains

Neon is an Ethereum Virtual Machine with
the scalability and liquidity of Solana

High Throughput

2,000 tps

Average Gas Fee

$0.0003 per tx

Top projects are already building on Neon EVM

The Graph The Graph
Sobal (Balancer) Sobal (Balancer)
Multichain Multichain
Pyth Network Pyth Network
DxSale DxSale
Neon is a fully Ethereum-compatible environment on Solana

Ethereum infrastructure

  • Accounts & signatures
  • Tools & infrastructure
  • ETH-like Web3 RPC API
  • ETH, ERC-20 tokens
  • Solidity smart contracts
Neon EVM

Solana blockchain

  • Liquidity
  • Userbase
  • Tx record in Solana
  • High speed tx
  • Low transaction fees

The Advantages of Neon EVM

Easy Smart Contract Adaptation

Deploy Ethereum dApps without any reconfiguration of smart contracts

Familiar Smart Contract Languages

Write your dApps in languages you know, like Solidity or Vyper

First EVM on Solana

Discover first-mover advantages and reach new users

Scalability Benefits

Enjoy low gas fees and high transaction speeds on Solana

Solana’s Growing Ecosystem

Get access to SOL, native Solana assets (SPL tokens), and other bridged assets

Tools You Already Use

Use Ethereum-based tools you love like MetaMask, Truffle, etc.


The Neon EVM economy is fee-based.
NEON will be a utility token and will be used for governance.

At mainnet launch, the governance will be handled by a decentralized protocol with a clear and user-friendly process for proposing and voting for protocol improvements.

Neon Roadmap


Solana Devnet Q2 2021
  • Neon EVM proof-of-concept
  • Neon EVM stabilization


Solana Devnet Q2 2022
  • Key dApps testing
  • ERC-20 support
  • Security audit passed
  • NeonPass roll-out
  • NeonScan launch


Solana Mainnet Q2 2023
  • Production-ready Neon EVM
  • Early dApps deployment
  • Neon DAO governance roll-out
  • Integration with The Graph, Pyth, Chainlink
  • Whitelisted operators


Solana Mainnet 2023
  • Neon ecosystem growth
  • Interoperability with Solana smart contracts
  • Grants program launch
  • Decentralized operators' network


Solana Mainnet 2024
  • Neon EVM full compatibility
  • Top industry ecosystem tools & services

Join the Neon Ecosystem


Become an Operator

Operators run Neon Proxy, which helps facilitate seamless execution of Ethereum-like transactions on Solana. This allows Ethereum dApps to be ported to Neon easily.



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