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To manage a MultiSig wallet to engage in the Neon DAO you must:

  • Set up a Ledger hardware wallet with the Solana app
  • Set blind signing
  • Install and connect Phantom
  • Transfer assets using MultiSig: i.e. set up, vote on, and execute transactions


This tutorial covers setting up a Ledger wallet to apply MultiSig signing for the purposes of voting in the Neon DAO. This MultiSig is managed by the web app Squads. Squads provides a user-friendly interface for managing MultiSig wallets on the Solana blockchain. It allows multiple parties to manage a single address by requiring a specified number of signatures to complete a transaction.

Within Squads the lifecycle of a transaction is creation, approval/rejection, and, if approved, execution.

Learn more about Squads.


  • Ledger Nano S Plus or Ledger Nano X

We used a Ledger Nano S Plus, but the steps for Ledger Nano X are identical.

  • macOS

  • It's strongly recommended that you use the Chromium-based browsers, Chrome or Brave

Set up wallets and transact​

Step 1: Configure your Ledger wallet​

Ledger maintains and curates their to provide you the best support possible. However, if you want to stay here, you are welcome to follow the Neon Guide.

See Ledger's configuration guide.

Step 2: Install the Solana app on your Ledger and enable blind signing​

2.1 Install the Solana app on your Ledger hardware wallet by following the steps outlined in Ledger's official tutorial

Ensure that blind signing is enabled during the installation process. Blind signing allows you to sign transactions without revealing the contents to the other parties involved in a MultiSig wallet. If you miss this step, enable it as per Ledger's documentation.

Step 3: Install the Phantom wallet and connect Ledger to Phantom​

3.1 Install the Phantom wallet on your browser by visiting the Phantom website.

3.2 Next, connect your Ledger wallet as per Ledger's documentation

Ensure you remember the password you set up for Phantom.

Step 4: Access your squad on Squads​

4.1 Access Squads on:

4.2 Click on Connect wallet, then Agree and continue when prompted to acknowledge the terms and conditions.

Please do take care to read the Terms of Service and Squads Disclaimer first.

4.3 Select β€œPhantom” from the list of wallet applications.

A list of Vaults/Squads your wallet address is a signatory of is now available.


Example Squads Dash

In the following example, the Squad dashboard shows a Vault with 5 owners.

Clicking on the Vault drills the dash down to show the details for this Vault.

Find out more about Vaults in the Squads documentation. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this interface.

Step 5: Create a transfer proposal​

This next step covers creating a transaction, note that the flow is slightly different from the perspective of the account owner vs. a delegated owner. Choose the path that applies to you.

Due to the custody policy applied by the MultiSig wallet, you must both create and approve a transaction.

This step covers creating a transaction, note that the flow is slightly different from the perspective of the account owner vs. a delegated owner. Choose the path that applies to you.

Create transaction

a. Within the Vault tab, click on the Send button.

b. Configure this transaction:

  • Asset: the asset type to be sent
  • Amount: the amount of assets to be sent
  • To address: recipient of the assets
  • (Optional): description

c. Click Send.


A MultiSig wallet applies a threshold policy to allow greater control and security over transactions. While you may set up a MultiSig wallet to behave like a single-signature wallet by creating a threshold of "1 of 1", this is ill-advised. The following steps provides a recently created transaction with an approval which will count toward the customized threshold for this Vault. Remember, you have connected your hardware wallet and Phantom wallet to manage your approval process; expect to use both to achieve the next step.

a. From the Transactions tab, select the Active proposal you are interested in.

Under the Results section, you will see a number for Confirmed and a number for Rejected. When the transaction is first created, both numbers should be 0.

b. Click Confirm to vote for the transaction, and Reject to vote against it.

Squads will prompt you to approve the transaction using your Phantom wallet extension.

c. Click Approve.

To verify the transaction details on the Ledger device, connect your Ledger hardware wallet to the computer and open the Solana app. Approve the transaction using the physical buttons on the device.

Remember, a transaction request won't be signed until approvals are provided by other parties and the minimum threshold specified in the MultiSig wallet is met. In this example, the threshold is 3, so 2 or more signatures are required to execute this transaction.

Execute a transaction​

Once the minimum threshold of signatures is collected, the transaction may be executed, and the assets will be transferred.

Note that the previous step allowed the transaction to be signed. Initiating the "execute" allows this signed transaction to be broadcast to the Solana network.

a. Click Execute.

Congratulations, your signed tx is now broadcast.

Should your transaction be rejected (i.e. if the minimum threshold of votes against the transaction was met), then the transaction enters the Cancelled status and will not be signed and, therefore, never executed.

Verify transaction​

If you wish to verify a transaction, you can either monitor the MultiSig wallet using a Solana block explorer, such as Solana Explorer or Solscan. Alternatively, you may verify in the Squads Vault that the assets transferred successfully.

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