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Neon EVM Shines Bright in Paris: Unveiling Exciting Upcoming Events

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Sun, July 16 at 10:00 AMSat, July 22 at 04:00 PM
Paris, France
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EthCC 2023 kicks off in Paris, the city of lights and innovation, this month. And, it is about to witness the revolutionary breakthrough offered by Neon EVM. With an array of workshops, meetups, and parties, the EthCC week promises to provide an unforgettable experience for blockchain enthusiasts and developers alike. Let's take a closer look at the upcoming events that will showcase the power and potential of Neon EVM in the heart of the French capital.


  1. 1. L2 Meetup: Ethereum dApps on Solana Deployment – Tuesday, July 18th


Kicking off the Neon EVM extravaganza, Simoeon Kotashki, Neon’s expert in the field, will take the stage at the L2 Meetup. Set to be held on Tuesday, July 18th, this gathering will delve into the intricacies of deploying Ethereum dApps on Solana. 


The EVM, though widely adopted and popular among dApp developers, suffers from limitations around scalability and transaction processing times forcing blockchain developers to seek efficient and scalable solutions. This event will provide invaluable insights into how to integrate EVM applications with the Solana network to benefit from Solana’s low cost, high throughput, and parallel transaction capabilities. If you're eager to explore the future of blockchain technology, be sure to secure your spot at the L2 Meetup. 


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  1. 2. Neon EVM Workshop at Solana Day – Wednesday, July 19th


The excitement continues on Wednesday, July 19th, as Neon EVM presents an immersive workshop at Solana Day in Paris. Hosted by Encode Club, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to discover the endless possibilities that Neon EVM brings to the Solana ecosystem. Participants will gain hands-on experience, learning how to leverage Neon EVM to build and deploy decentralized applications. If you're passionate about blockchain development or simply intrigued by the potential of an EVM using Solana as the settlement layer, mark your calendars for this enlightening event. 


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  1. 3. Unicorn Colors After Party – Wednesday, July 19th


To cap off an eventful day, Neon EVM is joining forces with 1inch and ZkSync to co-host the Unicorn Colors after-party. Starting at 8 pm on Wednesday, July 19th, this vibrant event promises an evening filled with networking, celebration, and a sprinkle of blockchain magic. Join fellow enthusiasts, industry leaders, and innovators to unwind and engage in meaningful conversations while reveling in the lively atmosphere of Unicorn Colors. Don't miss out on this exclusive opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and celebrate the advancements of Neon EVM.


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  1. 4. Hackathon workshop – July 21


Neon EVM has exciting plans during ETHGlobal Paris from July 21–23. As part of the event, Neon EVM will be hosting a workshop dedicated to a hackathon, providing developers with the opportunity to explore the world of decentralized applications. This workshop will offer valuable insights into Neon EVM's integration within the Ethereum and Solana ecosystems. Participants will engage in hands-on exercises and learn best practices for building innovative applications using Neon EVM. Additionally, Neon EVM will be offering an enticing bounty for developers who showcase their talent and creativity during the hackathon. It's a chance to leave a lasting impact and potentially win exciting rewards. 


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Neon EVM's upcoming events in Paris are set to illuminate the blockchain community with knowledge, innovation, and excitement. Be sure to visit the Neon EVM booth at ETHGlobal Paris to witness live demonstrations and connect with the team. Join the Neon EVM revolution and unleash your potential during this extraordinary event. From educational meetups to hands-on workshops, from immersive demonstrations to unforgettable parties, this week is packed with opportunities to learn, connect, and celebrate the incredible possibilities that Neon EVM brings to the world of decentralized applications. 


Don't miss your chance to be part of this remarkable journey as Neon EVM shines brightly in Paris, the city of lights.