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Neon EVM Highlights from ETHDenver 2024

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Thu, February 22 at 10:00 PMSat, March 2 at 10:00 PM
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A recap of the power-packed time Neon EVM had talking and participating in keynotes, speeches, and discussion about Parallel EVMs, merging Solana and Ethereum and web3 at ETHDenver 2024.

Gm Web3!

ETHDenver 2024 was a wonderful experience of networking, panels, side events, industry talks, meet and greets, but most of all it was great meeting with web3 developers from across chains, protocols, and dApps!

Neon EVM team actively participated in ETHDenver 2024 and was featured in several panels and talks, where major ideas and announcements were exchanged with a large audience of blockchain and web3 enthusiasts. As ETHDenver 2024 ends, it is time for a roundup recap of Neon EVM’s contribution to this incredible event.

We present you the highlights of Neon EVM’s active participation in Community, Education and BUIDL at the ten-day long ETHDenver 2024, theme-named, The Year of the SporkWhale (February 23 - March 3, 2024) in Denver, USA.

Neon EVM Senior Integration Engineer Sukanya Prashar in Panel on Atlantis Main Stage

Session Title: Best of Both Worlds? The Projects Merging Solana and Ethereum

Panelists: Sukanya Prashar - Neon EVM, Neel Somani - Eclipse, Keone Hon - Monad, and Ajit Tripathi - Polygon.

Moderator: Danny Nelson - CoinDesk

On March 2, 2024, Neon EVM chaired the panel session at Atlantis Mainstage with other key speakers from Eclipse, Polygon, and Monad.

photo_2024-03-06_05-16-25 (2).jpg

Sukanya shared her views on the parallel execution of transactions, how Neon EVM differs from traditional L2s, and other positive effects of parallel EVM on gas fees, transaction throughput, and the importance of local gas fee markets for dApps on the blockchain.

Keynote by Neon EVM at Encode Club at Asterisk

Topic: Combining the best of EVM with the speed of Solana

Venue: Asterisk

Attendees: Web3 developers and blockchain natives

On February 28, 2024, Neon EVM Senior Integration Engineer Sukanya Prashar delivered the keynote speech and focussed on how developers can benefit from Ethereum and Solana ecosystems by deploying a dApp on the Neon EVM network. She highlighted how parallel execution is achieved with Solana’s Sealevel architectural design.

photo_2024-03-06_05-16-27 (2).jpg

Sukanya showcased Neon EVM’s innovations and touched upon aspects of architecture, contract, and deployments which are important for dApp builders.

Visionary Builder Night at Denver

Visionary and insightful are the words for this invite-exclusive and intimate dinner night attended by recognized web3 innovators and senior tech executives dedicated to Institutional digital assets, DeFi, and tokenization on-chain. Neon EVM was invited to this impressive mix of builders, institutions, and venture capitalists hosted by Dev.Pro x Opdefi.


Sudhir Upadhyay from Onyx by JPMorgan, Harry Donnelly of Opdefi, Daniel Olshansky from Pocket Network, Dennis O'Connell of Peregrine Limited, Rob P, Jesper Kristensen, Sukanya Parashar, Justin Gainsley from Coinbase, Nicolas S. from trilitech, George Dinenis of ST Global, Charles Jansen from S&P Global, Nevin Freeman of Confusion Capital, Leon Mirochnik from Tagus Capital were few of the dignitaries with whom Neon EVM interacted and exchanged ideas on major happenings in web3, blockchain and AI.

Discussions and Networking at Infra Gardens, Denver

“Building the decentralized identity layer of web3” and “Interoperability from an infra and middle layer perspective” were the central themes for networking at Infra Gardens, Denver on March 2, 2024.


Infrastructure is the connecting tissue of the web3 technology stack, serving and enabling different ecosystems, providing the rails and tools for L1s and L2s to equip builders to develop new applications. This networking session allowed the Neon EVM team to deepen relations with some of our ecosystem partners and meet teams across the industry and the host teams — DIA, idOS, Secret, Phala Network, Kwil, Subsquid, LI.FI.

ABCDE Parallel EVM Day at The Source Hotel, Denver

An entire day on Parallelization!!! We could not have stayed away. On February 27, 2024, Neon EVM team attended the ABCDE Parallel EVM Day. This day was filled with exciting panels, speeches, and opportunities to interact with industry leaders, focusing on the future developments of the Ethereum ecosystem & EVM. Discussions on scalability solutions for the EVM-based execution layer focused on parallel execution, EVM scaling, merkle tree optimization, and data engines were some of the topics under deliberation.

The day was not only intellectually stimulating but also fostered team bonding and networking with industry veterans.

What’s an Event Sans a Little Fun and Networking?

Beyond the panels, discussions, and networking, there was an undeniable element of fun and team spirit to ETHDenver 2024. As a delightful culmination, we leave you with infectious energy, some great selfies, and high spirits, capturing the essence of collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for shaping the future of web3.


Are you heading to ETHSeoul?

The Neon EVM team will see you at ETHSeoul and many upcoming events in 2024 to discuss Parallel EVM and industry-defining topics. Learn more on Neon EVM architecture on our docs. If have any questions or you are looking to connect with fellow Neonauts, feel free to jump into our Discord. Meanwhile, watch out for the updates on our X, and we will see you on the other side soon!!