Announcing Neon Points

Announcing Neon Points

We are proud to announce the start of Neon Points. Our goal with points is to quantify the actions both on-chain and in our community that are important to Neon’s success. The actions for earning points will change and evolve over time. To start, we want to keep things very simple so the type of points that can be earned for now are Community Points.

Community Points

Community contributions mean a lot to us, so we'll be actively acknowledging and honoring those who contribute across our platforms. Every input matters. Community points can be earned in 3 ways: Creating, Engaging, and Participating.


  • Memes
  • Thoughtful Neon EVM tweets
  • Quote tweets
  • Threads
  • Replies to non-affiliated Neon EVM accounts
  • Youtube videos

Engaging (Coming Soon)

  • Like Neon tweets
  • Follow Neon accounts
  • Affiliate twitters
  • Official Youtube
  • Telegram announcement channel
  • Thoughtful replies on Neon EVM tweets

Participating (Coming Soon)

  • Hackathon
  • Event
  • Conference
  • Discord
  • Telegram

At the start, points cannot be earned through Engaging or Participating as tracking will need to be in place first. We are working on getting this in place to track past, present, and future contributions in these categories.

All tracking and earning of community points will be done on Discord using XP. So you will need to join our Discord and report activities to be eligible. You can find out more about how actions are scored and the rules in our Discord.

Where to Follow For Updates

Stay in the loop by following Twitter, joining our Discord community, and checking the updates in our Telegram announcements channel for all things Neon!

Staff writers
Staff writers
Dec 24, 2023

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