Unpacking Neon EVM's January

Unpacking Neon EVM's January

Gm Neonauts,

January always feels like "the month of new beginnings". Well, we agree! We started the year well with brainstorming sessions, yearly goals, tech and development plans, and, most importantly, the spirit of togetherness. We are excited to take on 2024 with a kitty of cool partnerships, new reveals, cutting-edge tech displays, events, and more. As we stand on the cusp of innovation, we are stoked to build and are poised for an extraordinary year of creation and collaboration.

Neon EVM January 2024 ↓🌐🔗

Monthly Roundup: Aave votes for Neon EVM, Ecosystem deployments on the rise, infrastructure updates, Neon Points garner interest & more!


Unveiling new frontiers: Aave V3 proposal for Neon EVM deployment

In a landmark vote decision on January 21, 2024, the Aave community voted to favor the deployment of Aave V3 MVP onto Neon EVM mainnet. Neon EVM received a YAE confidence with 83% of the votes in the Temp Check stage of the proposal to "deploy Aave V3 MVP on the Neon EVM mainnet". Such a deployment will enable Aave to access the deep liquidity on Solana, as well as enable Solana ecosystem users to get access to the premier lending protocol through Neon EVM. As the first parallelized EVM with direct access to Solana liquidity, we are committed to opening DeFi doors with the benefits of Solana's low fees and high transaction speeds.

Now onto the ARFC phase of the proposal 🚀. View proposal


Fostering ecosystem development: Projects and partnerships

January marked another significant month for our growing ecosystem, offering more opportunities for users and developers alike. DeFi project IceCreamSwap initiated staking pool deployment on Neon EVM, introducing incentivized liquidity farming. This was followed by MYSO, a leading DeFi lending protocol, deploying on Neon EVM mainnet. The momentum continues with plans in the pipeline and testnet deployments in place from various projects like Liteflow, an NFT infrastructure platform, and Meridian, a decentralized lending and borrowing platform.

Stay tuned for more partnerships 👀 Read more


Overcoming obstacle course: Upgrades under resolution

As we build, we will encounter obstacles; the team, however, is committed to overcoming each and every challenge. With our fast-growing user base, we have recently noticed intermittent transaction slowdowns. The slowdown happens when Neon Proxy executes txs in iterative mode where large tx may be rejected due to Solana accounts being write-blocked. We have this mode in Neon txs because Ethereum-like txs can be very long. The solution lies in optimization of the process of iterative execution. Technically it is a very challenging task that requires us to upgrade Neon Proxy, and Neon Program on Solana, but the outcome might be crucial for all sorts of dApps, including gaming applications. As we navigate these technical hurdles over the next two months, your support is crucial, and we are sincerely grateful for it.

Your patience during this process means the world to us. 🌐 Join the conversation


Technical might: Solving complex problems

During the Solana network upgrade to version 1.17, we experienced a graph node issue that caused a data history gap of less than 2 days. As a result, our subgraphs in the graph node froze on certain blocks and did not progress. This has now been resolved and the graph node is indexing new blocks as it should. In addition, we are actively exploring a data recovery solution for the missing ~2 days data using long-term history storages in conjunction with the Solana team.

Neon EVM tech team remains proactive. Find out more


Collecting Neon Points: Community and Growth

Launched on December 23, our Neon Points Program has seen phenomenal growth in January, with over 1200 web3 enthusiasts joining the initiative. We have always believed in the power of creation, collaboration, and participation; the web3 community is a testament to that. Our vibrant community has showcased its creativity by contributing valuable educational videos, entertaining memes, and crafting over 2000 tweets in January highlighting Neon EVM. This is just the beginning as we expand our Points Program further, and everyone is welcome to participate!

Our community is the driving force for us at Neon EVM. 💙 Know more on X


Growing interest in $NEON: New listing on KuCoin

NEON, the native token powering Neon EVM, was listed on KuCoin exchange on January 15, 2024. Deposits are open, and users can trade NEON/USDT pairs. Following the public token sale last year, NEON has secured listings on various centralized exchanges and decentralized swaps. Presently, the NEON token is accessible on platforms like Bybit, Gate.io, and Crypto.com, among others. As new listings are being added due to popular demand and ecosystem growth, we advise all traders and investors to DYOR before engaging with different CEXs, DEXs, and swaps.

Spark up your portfolio with some NEON 🚀 Find more

If you are looking for information on Neon EVM architecture, check our docs. The team is always happy to help, and the chatter never stops in our Discord. We have a lot more lined up in February. Stay tuned for all the latest on Neon EVM - the only EVM on Solana mainnet!

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