Neon EVM announces Ledger Live support

Neon EVM announces Ledger Live support

Back in August 2023, Neon EVM proudly announced our integration with the Ledger hardware wallet. Today, we are thrilled to announce the next step: support for Ledger Live.


What is Ledger Live?


Ledger Live is the companion app for Ledger hardware wallets allowing users to buy, swap, grow, and manage their digital assets from the security of their hardware wallet.


Ledger Live provides an intuitive interface for users to easily send, receive, and securely manage their assets while the private keys remain safely stored on the Ledger hardware device. Ledger Live also supports features like real-time balance updates, transaction history, and installing or removing apps on the hardware wallet.


What does this mean for Neon EVM users?

Thanks to our first integration with the Ledger hardware wallet, users can sign transactions on Neon EVM with their Ledger hardware wallet. Until today, however, users had to use an external app or wallet that supports Ledger signer to interact with Neon EVM.


With this integration, the Neon fam can now join the 6 million people (and growing) who use Ledger for everything Web3. By using the Ledger hardware wallet and the Ledger live dApp, users now enjoy:


- Direct integration: It is now possible to transact directly on Neon EVM from Ledger’s mobile and desktop dApps — empowering users to send NEON and ERC-20 tokens in Neon EVM without an additional wallet. Please remember to stay updated with best practices and always stay on the safe side.

- Seamless interactions: By connecting Neon EVM with the Ledger Ethereum App, you can navigate both Ethereum and Solana networks. 

- Robust security measures: Ledger hardware wallets are recognized for their security features. Nonetheless, as always, we advise you to DYOR to ensure you understand the risks and handle Web3 technologies with care.


Are you building?

If you plan to build your dApp, check out the grants program supported by Poolz x Neon EVM. If you’re interested in building on Neon EVM, reach out to us on Discord to learn more about the benefits and how Neon EVM can support your growth. And, don’t forget to join the Twitter community for the latest updates.


Staff writers
Staff writers
Dec 10, 2023

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