MYSO Brings DeFi Lending Innovation to Neon EVM Ecosystem

MYSO Brings DeFi Lending Innovation to Neon EVM Ecosystem

Neon EVM emerges as the ecosystem of choice as MYSO paves the way for DeFi innovation!


We are pleased to announce the launch of MYSO, a leading DeFi lending protocol, on Neon EVM Mainnet. This strategic move allows MYSO to position itself within the Neon EVM ecosystem and leverage the technical advantages of our parallel processing EVM architecture.


A warm welcome to the builders and community at MYSO!!


MYSO is a decentralized DeFi protocol that enables crypto-collateralized loans without liquidation. It allows borrowers to take out Zero-Liquidation Loans through non-custodial liquidity pools and empowers anyone to create an LP using its smart contract.


As the preferred ecosystem of choice, Neon EVM seamlessly integrates Solana's sophisticated and cost-effective transaction capabilities into Ethereum dApps like MYSO. The advantages are multifaceted, creating a synergy that enriches both platforms.


Aetienne Sardon, Founder of MYSO Finance, "We are proud to partner with Neon as we believe in the significance of their mission to bridge the gap between Ethereum and Solana. This partnership is driven by our firm conviction in the immense potential of interoperability, connecting Ethereum's robust smart contract infrastructure with Solana's high-speed, low-cost transactions. Together with Neon, we aspire to offer yield enhancement opportunities to a broader array of projects and foster collaboration across DeFi ecosystems."


Let’s dive into some key highlights of MYSO's integration with Neon EVM and its implications for the broader DeFi ecosystem.


Explore the synergy: MYSO on Neon EVM


Building on Neon EVM opens a gateway to new market possibilities for MYSO and also augments the DeFi ecosystem of Neon EVM. Some key highlights include:


  • Ethereum compatibility with Solana’s advantages: Neon EVM allows MYSO's lending protocol to leverage Solana's low-cost transactions and high-speed capabilities for an unparalleled DeFi experience. The architecture optimizes resources, making it an ideal environment for DeFi primitives.


  • Parallel transaction architecture: Neon EVM is the first parallel processing EVM on mainnet and leverages Solana’s Sealevel technology. This permits the simultaneous processing of multiple transactions allowing Neon EVM to achieve increased throughput while reducing the likelihood of congestion during periods of high demand (730 TPS on mainnet in December 2023). Neon EVM’s cost-effectiveness will allow lenders on MYSO to create offers at scale quickly.


  • $NEON token Integration: MYSO integrates the native $NEON token, providing users with collateral and lending opportunities. $NEON holder DeFi natives can explore indicative loan terms, attractive upfront fees, covered call positions, and more. However, for this, traders must always check MYSO for the latest updates before making their trades.


  • Partnership Opportunities: Project builders on Neon EVM can collaborate with MYSO and create bespoke markets on MYSO. dApp developers building on Neon EVM can leverage this ecosystem to tap into innovative DeFi primitives, expanding their application’s functionalities and user experiences.


Future Outlook

As we witness MYSO's journey on Neon EVM, we anticipate the emergence of a symbiotic relationship that not only benefits both entities but contributes to the broader DeFi ecosystem.


That said, come see the buzz within Neon EVM community on Discord and stay tuned for all the EVM alpha on our Twitter.


Are you building? Read more on Neon architecture on our docs. If you plan to build your dApp, check out the grants program supported by Poolz x Neon EVM. Complete the form to apply for a co-grant from Poolz Finance and Neon EVM.


About Neon EVM: Neon EVM is an Ethereum Virtual Machine on Solana that allows developers to scale Ethereum dApps using Solana as the settlement layer. It operates as a smart contract on Solana that accepts transaction requests via public PRC endpoints. It gives developers the power to directly deploy Ethereum dApps with minimal reconfiguration to the code, while benefiting from Solana's technical advantages such as parallel processing. For more information about Neon EVM and future updates, visit and connect with the community on Twitter or Discord.


About MYSO: MYSO is a trust-minimized DeFi protocol that allows users to borrow on Zero-Liquidation Loans. For borrowers, this makes it easier to understand and manage crypto loans, while for lenders, this provides new and sustainable yield enhancement opportunities.

Shailey Singh
Shailey SinghMarketing Manager
Jan 15, 2024

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